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dt partners

With a preference for “collaboration over competition,” Digital Tale has partnered with other digital marketing industry service providers. We are happy to market and offer our partner’s services to fulfil our client’s requirements, where we cannot deliver. Also, at times our partners provide concessions for Digital Tale clients! Now that’s interesting, right?

We are mindful of who we partner with and hold responsibility for quality services being provided to our clients.


sajja khabba

SAJJA KHABBA, meaning right and left hands in Punjabi language is an amalgamation of skills and coordination of hands and eyes creating a visual language and content with the product and services of a brand to cater out their digital marketing for social media platforms. Our approach is to find a solution for all types of brands to function their advertising by creating an image bank for them. An efficient production cycle and an output infused with creativity is the key to reduce the day to day struggle for keeping up the pace in the digital world. In the times of dynamic digital advertising and social appearance, Visuals and talking through images has become a strong play. Our ethos is to give creative spin and eye-catching commercials for a brand. Sajja khabba is an establishment by artists who have worked in various fields like creative art direction, producing editorials and concept shoots for a magazine, commercial look books, and content for lifestyle, personal, and interior brands

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An end to end digital marketing firm. At Marketeers, we drive growth and we do that by providing a blend of Digital business solutions, Advertising, Social media marketing, Branding, Web Development to Product Design, ECommerce marketing, and Offline Sales. We don’t just come up with what’s cool; we craft the right message and keep your brand in the spotlight. Our team of brand strategists combines business, marketing, communications, and design to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands for companies big and small, start-ups, or stalwarts.

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the content tribe

In this digitally-savvy world, content is the backbone of your business. It increases your reach, connects you with the right audience and builds meaningful relationships. The Content Tribe, with 8 years of versatile experience, creates result-oriented content strategies, and delivers unmatched content in every sector. Serving to as many as 50+ happy clients, The Content Tribe excels in creating business centric solutions that relate to individual businesses.

With a spirit to grow our community, we are continually meeting and collaborating with different service providers for digital marketing. We would love to have more credible and worthy digital marketers as our partners; if you are one and interested to join the DT community, please apply below.

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