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social media management

Social Media is a virtual community for your business. Our purpose at Digital Tale is to serve this community while building your brand's digital story. With the consistent effort of time and energy, we are sure to maintain and grow your network and create a business out of it.


  • Set up of profiles - along with content creation & optimisation | Business Profiles on different Platforms | Shop setups on different portals

  • Research & Analysis of given Industry - with competitive mapping

  • Social Media Calendar 

  • Content Curation & Creation 

  • Industry/Brand Keywords and hashtag monitoring

  • Analytics & Reporting - Authenticated reports of Brand performance across platforms

  • Social Media Engagement & Management

  • Collaboration with Celebs, Influencers and Brands

  • Platforms we can assist you with: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp

Social Media

content writing

Curating convertible content copies that speak volumes about your brand with less and more strategic words is an art, and we are good at it! You can trust us to write for your business in a language that resonates with the class of your business.

We will help you flourish your leads and conversions from all around the world.

What can we help you with?


  • Content Strategy

  • Technical SEO

  • Marketing automation

  • Blog creation and google ranking

  • Content Creation for your Website, Blogs, Corporate profile, Proposals, Brochures, Press release, Newsletter etc.

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Content Writing
Responsive Website

website design & development

A business without a website today is almost non-existent for potential customers. It is your virtual address, where one can glance through the necessary information about your business. Also, expanding the business beyond your local area is only possible by having a magnificent website.


Digital deliveries are possible at every corner of the world via a perfect blend of web design and web development plan, along with a top launch rate of the website on every browser and platform. We try to service every requirement under one umbrella for unique and beautiful websites with experienced developers, designers, copywriters, digital marketers, etc.


Features we can integrate for you:

  • Exceptional website performance speed

  • Lead Generation

  • Analytics

  • Functional Navigation

  • E-Commerce storefront

  • Order management

  • Inventory tracking

  • Payment Gateway

  • Sales and promotion

  • SEO

  • Maintenance

Website Develop

graphic designing

With a team of experienced and versatile designers, we strive to deliver you precisely what you want! Visuals are the backbone of your digital story; it is about showcasing your brand's emotion and experience. A quality design & consistent aesthetic inculcate a positive aura that pulls conversions. The entire projects we offer in graphics are strategically created to captivate footfall and boost performance.

We can help you design your:

  • Logo and Identity package - Visiting cards & corporate stationery 

  • Standee 

  • Backdrops for events

  • Products and packaging

  • Brochures

  • AD Creatives - Digital or outdoor

  • Customized menus 

  • Social media creatives

  • Event creatives

  • E-invites

  • Customised Gifts and Gifting Labels

Graphic Design
Image by Brooke Lark


An image that pulls potential customers just by its look is an art that can be endured by very few after a great practice.

At Digital Tale, we serve our clients with professional photography for their products and services. We guarantee to help you with high-quality, professionally photographed product images for your online store, E-commerce listing, print media, etc. and make sure that the pictures we click alter in becoming the backbone of your brand.

Photography services we swear by:


  • Product Photography

  • Styled shoots

  • Video product photography

  • Propping

  • Content production

  • Retouching


Performance marketing

While you may secure digital space for your business with ease, it's not necessarily as easy to be visited by your potential customers. With the internet being overly populated with more than thousands of companies offering very similar products or services, we can use digital promotion techniques to be seen by our target clientele.


We can help you optimize your digital ads to deliver maximum results. Every platform is different and requires a different pitch and technique. While one can easily learn how to run an ad, for ads to be optimized enough to deliver genuine leads and sales, it requires a lot more effort and learned skills. This is where we come in and provide the best results. 


  • Google Ads

  • FB & Instagram Promotions

  • Linkedin Promotions

Digi Promo
Company Presentation


No audience has ever complained about a presentation or speech being too short. It is prudent to fit vital information pleasingly in a smart and short presentation to have a crisp and clear presentation. 

Creating appealing PowerPoint Presentations to win business and related goals are our core focus. Our team consists of designers who charmingly design presentations that are remembered because of the use of exquisite graphs, charts, HD images and quality alignment between all texts and visuals through all slides.

Give shape to your vision with designed presentations for any of the following:

  • Business (Corporate Profile)

  • Sponsorship Proposal

  • New concept

  • Proposals

  • Speeches/seminars

  • Investment deck

  • Training and induction presentation

  • Portfolio presentation


newsletters & mailers

Newsletters work as a life force for your marketing campaign. Having a full-fledged plan for delivering newsletters and mailers that are economical and cost-effective is paramount for every business. Our enthusiastic team effortlessly handles customization and regular deals to aid in taking care of the tedious task of periodic newsletters.

Newsletter serves the purpose of a postcard from traditional marketing times. It's a constant reminder of your business to your community. With today's technology, we can include action buttons such as shop now, book your appointment, follow us, etc., right there, making you reachable with just one click.

Different Types of Newsletters/Mailers that we can do for your community are

  • Transactional Newsletter

  • Commercial / Ecommerce Newsletter

  • Seasonal Newsletter

  • Invitation Newsletter

  • Informative/Announcement Newsletter

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