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digital tale journey

In today's era, any business requires an impeccable digital presence to target audiences' right set and create an impression on the prospective buyers' minds. 


Digital Tale began with this ideology and a simple intention of aiding homegrown businesses who were less aware of the digital mediums available to market themselves. After years of experience working with the small sector businesses and rendering pro bono consultations and assistance to various entrepreneurs, Digital Tale finally took the plunge of offering the services professionally. 


The motto remains, to educate and learn along the way. At Digital Tale, we aim at creating a business-centric solution. We don't just want to take over the Digital Marketing of a business; we want to discuss, brainstorm, and educate our clients about every new trend and platform in this fast-paced realm. 


Digital Tale as an agency has a soft affection towards empowering women entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises. As a company, we take pride in the success of our clients.

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Learn & Educate


about ankita

Ankita has entered the field of digital marketing, showcasing her creative thought process and industrious work ethic. 


After starting her career in Risk Management at a Big 4 firm, Ankita dwelled in the marketing and business development sector. She has garnered years of experience in the corporate sector working in companies like FranGlobal and KGS Advisors contributing to research & strategy consulting. She has worked for foreign chains across different sectors and has also rendered her services to foreign embassies. Her forte has been conceptualizing & curating innovative concepts for brands in various sectors.


She has also been actively involved in the country's startup revolution, working for multiple national and international startup initiatives. Some of her notable contributions have been to leading international startup workshops such as MIT Global Startup Workshop (Hyderabad), Seaside Startup Summit (Goa), and various other national startup events. 


Along with her corporate expertise, Ankita has been actively involved in various social initiatives since a very young age. She has been one of the founding members of an NGO, Gvriksh, contributing to multiple plantation drives and other environmental campaigns. At 23, she was recognized as the founding secretary for a national non-profit organization, Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE). With COWE, Ankita continues to render her skills and expertise for its initiatives to empower women in business.

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