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Significant Dates of February 2024

Updated: Feb 8

Are you prepared to embark on the adventures of February 2024? Get ready for a thrilling month filled with exciting events, plenty of opportunities for enjoyment, and enriching learning experiences. February 2024 promises to be a month of fresh starts and discoveries, presenting a diverse range of activities to participate in. Whether you're diving into the latest technological breakthroughs or partaking in the celebration of various global traditions, there's an abundance of festivals to partake in as well. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or someone who appreciates the richness of diverse cultures, this article will guide you through the noteworthy dates of February 2024. Keep reading to uncover why these events, including numerous festivals, should be marked on your February calendar!

Here is the list of Significant Dates of January 2024

1st February, 2024 - Indian Coast Guard Day

2nd February, 2024 - World Wetlands Day

4th Febraury, 2024 - World Cancer Day

6th February, 2024 - International Day of Zero Tolerance To Female Mutilation

6th February, 2024 - International Safer Internet Day

11th February, 2024 - World Day of The Sick

12th February, 2024 - Darwin’s Day

13th February, 2024 - Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary

14th February, 2024 - Valentine’s Day

15th February, 2024 - International Childhood Cancer Day

18th February, 2024 - Taj Mahotsav

20th February, 2024 - World Day of Social Justice

21st February, 2024 - International Mother Language Day

22nd February, 2024 - World Scout Day

24th February, 2024 - Central Excise Duty

27th February, 2024 - World NGO Day

28th February, 2024 - National Science Day

Valentine week (7th February, 2024 to 14th February, 2024)

7th February, 2024 - Rose Day

8th February, 2024 - Propose Day

9th February, 2024 - Chocolate Day

10th February, 2024 - Teddy Day

11th February, 2024 - Promise Day

12th February, 2024 - Hug Day

13th February, 2024 - Kiss Day

14th February, 2024 - Valentine's Day

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