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Significant Dates of July 2023

July is a month packed with diverse events and observances that inspire, raise awareness, and celebrate important causes. In this blog post, we will explore some of the significant dates that occur in July 2023.

Let's explore the significant dates that make July 2023 a remarkable month:

July 1- National Doctor’s Day

July 1- GST Day

July 1- Chartered Accountants Day

July 3- Guru Purnima

July 3- International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 6- World Zoonoses day

July 7- World Chocolate Day

July 11- World Population Day

July 12- Malala Day

July 12- Paper Bag Day

July 15- World Youth Skills Day

July 15- Social Media Giving Day

July 17- World Day for International Justice

July 17- World Emoji Day

July 18- Nelson Mandela International Day

July 20- World Chess Day

July 20- International Moon Day

July 22- Chandrayaan 2 launch date

July 23- National Broadcasting Day

July 24- Income Tax Day

July 25- World Embryologist Day

July 26- Kargil Vijay Diwas

July 28- World Hepatitis Day

July 28- World Nature Conservation Day

July 29- International Tiger Day

July 30- International Friendship Day

Beautiful sunrise at the beach, symbolizing the beginning of July with the text 'Hello July'.

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